Richard Griswold del Castillo

Department: Mexican American Studies

Institution: San Diego State University

Position: Professor and general trouble maker

Research: Generally as I enter the twilight of my career I find that I am more and more interested in art, music, folklore, local and particular manifestations of Chicana/o life.

I am also moving slowly towards more and more collaboration with other scholars and students. Along those lines I am currently working with Professor Isidro Ortiz (MAS/SDSU) and Rosalinda Gonzalez (SW College) to write a Chicana/o History of San Diego. We have divided up the turf and been really surprised as the enthusiastic response of community people and students.

Another project I am involved with is making a video about the Mexican/ Chicana/o History of Old Town San Diego. Few people think of this place as a community but it was the oldest barrio in San Diego till the State Parks people converted it to a tourist attractions in the 1960s. I am having "fun" doing editing and scripting for this.

Finally I have as a long range project a source book on the legal history of Chicana/os and Latina/os in the U.S.- basically a lay reference guide to important court cases that have affected our status in the US. Eg. the Mendez case re segregation etc.

I want to invite any one out there in cyber space to drop me a line about your projects. Together we are much more powerful than individually, que no?

Publications: Cesar Chavez: A Triumph of Spirit (with Richard Garcia) University of Oklahoma Press, 1995 Call 800- 627-7737 to order a copy.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalo (also U. of Okla press) 1990

"Latinos and the New Immigration: Mainstreaming and Polarization," Renato Rosaldo Lecture Series, Vo. 10 1994 (published 1995).

Other: Our faculty at MAS/SDSU is as follows: Joe Rodriguez (Chicano Lit.)
Adeliada Del Castillo (Anthro)
Isidro Ortiz (Pol. Sci)
Jose Pepe Villarino (Music/Folklore)
R. Griswold del Castillo (History)

Give us a call or see our upcoming WWW page 619- 594-6452

Contact: You can email me (Griswold) or by letter to: R.Griswold del Castillo
Mexican American Studies Department
San Diego, Ca. 92182-0338
my phone is (619) 594-6447